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“Deissel gets his bite back”

Officer With K9 DogDeissel, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois is one of the newest members of the Lebanon Police Department. Having come to the Upper Valley through a Dutch breeder, Deissel had a very bright future with the department’s canine unit. He was learning his commands quickly and his partner, Officer Jeremy Perkins was forming a tight bond with him. Suddenly in November Deissel appeared off. His ears drooped and when officers reached to pet him his head would avoid the contact.

It was discovered that one of Deissel’s four canines (fangs) was broken. Typically dogs with this condition would have the tooth extracted and get along just fine with the remaining three. Deissel needed this tooth in order to perform his job apprehending fugitives and protecting his partner. Deissel was going to need a root canal, which was estimated at several thousand dollars. The Lebanon Police Department didn’t have this kind of money in their budget.

Officer Jeremy Perkins took Deissel to Tufts University and local veterinarians, but each time the cost of surgery was more then the department could justify. Once Curt Jacques, owner of the West Lebanon Feed and Supply heard of the predicament he quickly made some telephone calls. Jacques has been a long time supporter of the Lebanon K-9 program, and knew that something must be done to save Deissel’s career. He quickly made a telephone call to Dr. Kelly at Stonecliff Animal Clinic, and human dentist Tom Schell. Dr Kelly agreed to donate all of his time and hospital facility, and Dr. Schell also agreed to donate his expertise. Dr. Schell began researching veterinary dentistry. Neither doctor wanted to make light of the veterinary dentistry specialists, but it was obvious that the police department could not afford to go this route and this would be Deissels only chance. Dr. Kelly put Dr. Schell in contact with dental experts at Michigan State University as well as Colorado State University. Both doctors were excited to do this for the Lebanon K-9 program and a date was set in mid-December for the surgery.

Dr. Kelly with his wife and several other staff members began preparing Deissel for his surgical procedure. After preliminary blood work was completed an intravenous catheter was placed. Deissel was placed under anesthesia and Dr. Kelly took preliminary radiographs. SAC nursing staff monitored the patient while the dentists prepared to perform the root canal. A few hours later Deissel would wake up to a temporary tooth.
The following Friday Deissel and his partner returned to the hospital to complete the surgery with the placement of a gold tooth.

We are very proud to have been able to help this fine canine officer and wish him the very best in his exciting future with the Lebanon Police Department.

Some Pictures From Diessel's Dental Surgery

Diessel's Medical Caregivers

Deissels medical caregivers:
Left to right: Dr. Patrick Noble, Lt. Tim Cohen, Dr Dan Kelly, Dr. Tom Schell, Dental Technician,
West Lebanon Feed and Supply owner Curt Jacques. Kneeling, Officer Jeremy Perkins

Placing the Gold Tooth

Placing the gold - Dentists fit the gold crown into place

The new tooth - first look at the new canine

Viewing the rads

Viewing the rads - police officers and doctors view the preliminary radiographic views of Deissel's teeth.




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